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Newsletter: Topic Index

Shown below is a complete index to all major topics and sub-topics which have appeared in one or more Asdem Newsletters since we began publishing this industry-critical information.

Additional War Risk Premium
AWRP not recoverable - London Arbitration 4/13 871 LMLN 2
Address Commission
Deduction of address commission from demurrage claims
AFRA Rates
London Tanker Brokers' Panel
Which AFRA Rate?
AmWelsh voyage charter party
AmWelsh charter party - exception for delays after strike ended
Apportionment of Costs
Arbitration Act 1996, Section 69
Arbitrators have no duty to assist parties who missed a valid point/case
By Asdem
Damages for detention - 1/09 772 LMLN 3
Final and Binding Arbitration
London Arbitration 8/08 748 LMLN 2 (2)
London Arbitration LMLN 16/05 (2005)
London Arbitration LMLN 19/10 (2010)
London Arbitration LMLN 2/08 (2008)
London Arbitration LMLN 21/07 (2007)
London Arbitration LMLN 4/13 871 (2013)
London Arbitration LMLN 510 11/99
London Arbitration LMLN 6/12 (2012)
SMA Arbitration (2010) Chembulk Trading v. Interchem Logistics
SMA Arbitration M/T "Niki" (2007)
SMA Arbitration No. 3948 M/T "Magpie" (2006)
Unpublished awards
Arrived Ship
The definition of "arrival" and "arrived ship" in English law
Awaiting daylight
Breakdown of machinery or equipment - clause 8
Commencement of laytime - clause 5
Customary anchorage - drifting
Damages for Detention
Excluding "reachable on arrival" from clause 9
Half-rate demurrage - clause 8
NOR tendered before anchoring
Perils of the Sea - Clause 19
Reachable on Arrival
Restraint of Princes - Clause 19
Safe Birth Warranty
The "Laura Prima" - "Reachable on arrival"
Time of valid Notice of Readiness
Why use Asbatankvoy?
Awaiting Daylight
Awaiting Daylight
Bad Weather
Bad Weather
Sea State - Tides, Swell, Etc.
Barge Demurrage
1st European Oil Barge Conference - Rotterdam May 2012
2nd European Oil Barge Conference - Rotterdam May 2014
Barge Industry Working Group
Barge Sales Contracts - whose contract prevails?
European Oil Barge Demurrage Workshops
Resolving barge disputes "Argy-bargy"
TTB Rules - for third party claims?
Berth Charter Party
Berth or Port charter party?
Conoco weather clause
Delays after Berthing
Open Sea Berth
Other cargo operations while awaiting a berth
Unberthing/reberthing costs
Unsafe Berth
Who decides if weather too bad for berthing
Bills of Lading
Bills of Lading - Quantity and Quality Disputes
Awaiting Daylight
BPVOY3 cl. 16 and 23 excess pumping/time bars
Early Loading - Clause 17
Equipment Failure - Clause 21
NOR tendered by email not valid
Time of Valid NOR
Cl.7.3.3 - Time for placing documents on board
Early Loading - Clause 7.3.1
Gangway in Position
Safe berth
Time barring claims under BPVOY4
TVEL Requirement for US Ports
Breakdown of Machinery
Breakdown of machinery or equipment - Asbatankvoy clause 8
Mechanical break down of machinery
Bunkering While Awaiting a Berth
During Deviation
Sufficient bunkers for the voyage
While Awaiting a Berth
Cancellation of charter party
Too late to cancel charter party
Case Law - Australia
Caltex Refining Co. Pty Ltd. v. BHP Transport Ltd. (The "Iron Gippsland") [1993]
Case Law - English
AIC Limited v. ITS Testing Services (UK) Limited [2006] 1 Lloyd’s 1
AIC Ltd. v. Marine Pilot "The Archimidis" [2008]
Aires Tanker Corporation v. Total Transport Ltd [1997] 1 Lloyd's Rep 334
Albacore SRL v. Westcott & Laurance Line [1966]
Antonelli v. Allen 2001
Bernuth Lines Ltd. v. High Seas Shipping Ltd. (The Eastern Navigator) [2006]
Cala Rosa Marine Co. Ltd. v. Sucres et Denrées Group - 09 Civ. 425 (SAS)
Carboex SA v. Louis Dreyfus Commodities Suisse SA [2011] EWHC 1165
Carboex SA v. Louis Dreyfus Commodities Suisse SA [2012] EWCA Civ 838
Cargill UK Ltd. v. Continental UK Ltd. [1989]
Castle Insurance Co Ltd v. Hong Kong Islands Shipping Co Ltd (The "Potoi Chau") [1984] 1AC 226 (PC)
Choil Trading SA v. Sahara Energy Resources Ltd. [2010]
ED & F Man Sugar Ltd. v. Belmont Shipping Ltd. [2011] EWHC 2992 (Comm)  
ED & F Man Sugar Ltd. v. Unicargo Transport Gesellschaft mBH (The "Lady Tramp" [2012] EWCA Civ 1449
ED & F Man Sugar Ltd. v. Unicargo Transport Gesellschaft mBH (The "Lady Tramp" [2012] EWHC 2879 (Comm)
Ellis Shipping Corp. v. Voest Alpine (The "Lefthero") [1992] 1 Lloyd's Rep 109
Exfin Shipping (India) Ltd. v. Tolani Shipping Co. Ltd. 2006
Exfin Shipping (India) Ltd. v. Tolani Shipping Co. Ltd. 2006
Fal Oil v. Petronas Trading (The "Devon") 2 Lloyd's Rep 282
Falkonera Shipping Company v. Arcadia Energy Pte Ltd. [2012] EWHC 3678 (Comm) and EWCA Civ 713 2014
Ford and others v. Cotesworth and another 1868
Galaxy Energy International ltd v. Murco Petroleum Ltd (The "Sea Crown") [2013] EWHC 3720 (Comm)
Gard Marine & Energy Ltd. v. China National Chartering Co Ltd. (The "Ocean Victory" [2013] EWHC 2199 (Comm) and [2015] EWCA Civ 16
GHSP Inc. v. AB Electronic Ltd. [2010] EWHC 1828 (Comm)
Gill & Duffus S.A. v. Berger & Co Inc [1983] 1 LR 622
Glencore Energy UK v. Cirrus Oil Services Ltd [2014] EWHC87 (Comm)
Glencore Energy UK v. Sonol Israel [2011] EWHC 2756 (Comm)
Glencore Energy UK v. Transworld Oil [2010]
Golden Fleece Maritime Inc v. S.T. Shipping & Transport Inc. [2007]
Hadley v. Baxendale (1854)
Hadley v. Baxendale, 9 Exch. 341 (1854)
Houlder Bros v. Commissioner for Public Works 1908
Houlder Brothers & Co Ltd v. Commissioner of Public Works [1908] AC 276
Independent Petroleum Group Ltd. v. Seacarriers Count Pte Ltd ("The Count") [2006] All ER (D) 149
Inverkip Steamship Company Ltd. v. Bunge & Co [1917] 2KB 198
Kassiopi Maritime Co. Ltd v Fal Shipping Co. Ltd "The Adventure" [2015] EWHC 318 (Comm)
Leonios Steamship Co. Ltd. v. Joseph Rank Ltd, (No.2) (1908) 13 Com.Cas. 295
Lia Oil SA v. Erg Petroli Spa [2007] "The Liano" & "The Kogalym"
Mallozi v. Carapelli [1976] 1 Lloyd's Rep 407
Mallozzi v. Carapelli [1976] 1 Lloyd's Rep 407
Masefield AG v. Amlin Corporate Member Ltd. [2011] EWCA Civ 24
Mash & Murrell Ltd v. Joseph L. Emanuel Ltd [1961] 1WLR 862
Metall Market OOO v. Vitorio Shipping Co Ltd (The "Lehmann Timber") EWCA Civ 650
National Shipping Co. of Saudi Arabia v. BP Oil Supply Co. The "Abqaiq" [2011] EWCA Civ 1127
Nelson & Sons v. Nelson Line (Liverpool) Ltd. No.3 1908
Nelson & Sons v. Nelson Line (Liverpool) Ltd. No.3 [1908]  
Ocean Bulk Shipping & Trading SA v. TMT Asia Ltd. and Ors [2009] 1WLR 2436
Ocean Bulk Shipping & Trading SA v. TMT Asia Ltd. and Ors [2009] 1WLR 2436
OK Petroleum v. Vitol SA - The "Chemical Venture" 1995
OK Petroleum v. Vitol SA - The "Chemical Venture" [1995]
Postlethwaite v. Freeland [1880]
President of India v. LIPS Maritime Corporation [1998] 1 AC 395
Progress Bulk Carriers Ltd. v. Tube City Ims Llc (The "Cenk K") [2012] EWHC 273 (Comm)
Proton Energy Group SA v. Orlen Lietuva [2013] EWHC 2872 (Comm)
Pyrene Co. v. Scindia Navigation Co. [1954]
Reardon Smith Line Ltd. v. East Asiatic Co Ltd. [1938] 4 All ER 107
Reardon Smith Line Ltd. v. Ministry of Agriculture [1959] 2 Lloyd's Rep 229
Ropner Shipping v. Cleeves W.V.A. Collieries 1927
Sabic UK Petrochemicals Limited v. Punj Limited [2014] BLR 43, TCC
Shipping Corporation of India v. Jaldhi Overseas [2009] US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
STX Panocean (UK) Co Ltd v. Glory Wealth Shipping Pte Ltd [2009] 08-6131-cv
The "Achilleas" 2008
The "Achilleas" Transfield Shipping Inc. v. Mercator Shipping Inc. [2008] 2 Lloyd's Rep. 275 [2008]
The "Agamemnon" [1998]
The "Alfrapearl" [2003]/[2004]
The "Aries" (Aries Tanker Corp v Total Transport [1977]
The "Azur Gas" - SHV Gas Supply and Trading SAS v. Naftomar Shipping and Trading Co. Ltd. [2005]
The "Bonde" [1991] 1 Lloyd's Rep 136
The "Boukadoura" [1989] 1 Lloyd's Rep 393
The "Bow Cedar" [2005] 1 Lloyd's Rep 275
The "Chios Breeze" 1958
The "David Agmashenebeli" [2003] 1 Lloyd's Rep 92
The "Delian Spirit" [1971]
The "Eagle Valencia" AET Inc. Ltd. v. Arcadia Petroleum [2009] + C of A [2010]
The "Eastern City" [1958] 2 Lloyd's Rep 127
The "Fina Samco" [1995]
The "Fjordaas" [1988]
The "Front Commander" - Tidebrook Maritime Corporation v. Vitol SA. [2006]
The "Happy Day" [2000]
The "Harriette N", Statoil ASA v. Louis Dreyfus Energy Services LP [2008]
The "Isabelle" [1982]
The "Jay Ganesh" [1994]
The "Johanna Oldendorff" [1973] 2 Lloyd's Rep 285
The "Johs Stove" [1984]
The "Khios Breeze" [1958]
The "Kriti Filoxenia", ST Shipping & Transport Inc. v. Filoxenia Shipping Co. SA [2015] EWHC 997 (Comm)
The "Kriti Palm" [2006] ECA Civ 1601
The "Laura Prima" [1982]
The "Linardos" [1994]
The "Luxmar" - ERG Raffinerie Mediterranee SpA v. Chevron USA Inc. [2006]
The "Maratha Envoy" [1972] 2 Lloyd's Rep 301
The "Mary Nour" [2008]
The "Mercini Lady" - KG Bominflot Bunkergesellschaft v Petroplus Marketing AG [2009] EWHC 1088 (Comm)
The "Mercini Lady" - KG Bominflot Bunkergesellschaft  v Petroplus Marketing AG  [2009]
The "Merida" - Neologistics ARL v. Five Oceans Corporation [2009]
The "Mexico I" [1990]
The "Minerva" [2001] - London County Court 
The "Muncaster Castle" [1961] 1LR 57
The "Nafri" [1978] 2 Lloyd's Rep 132
The "Nikmary" [2003]
The "Notos" [1987]
The "Oltenia", Babanft v. Avant Petroleum [1982] 1 Lloyd's Rep 448
The "Olympic Brilliance" [1981] 2 Lloyd's Rep 205
The "Petr Schmidt" [1998]
The "President Brand" [1967] 2 Lloyd's Rep 338
The "Sabrewing", Waterfront Shipping Co. Ltd. v. Trafigura AG [2008] 1 Lloyd's Rep 286
The "Simonburn" [1973] 1 Lloyd's Rep 392
The "Spear 1" [2003]/[2004]
The "Stolt Spur" [2001]
The "Thanassis A" [1982] Olbena SA v.Psara Maritime Inc. LMLN 68 (1982)
The "Timna" [1970]
The "Virginia M" [1989]
The Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa v. FR8 Singapore Ltd. [2008]
The “Reborn” - Mediterranean Salvage & Towage Limited v. Seamar Trading and Commerce Inc [2009] EWCA Civ 531
Toepfer v. Continental Grain Co. [1974] 1 LR 11
Trafigura Beheer BV v. Navigazione Montanari SPA "The Valle Cordoba" [2014] EWHC 129 (Comm) and [2015] EWCA Civ 91
Trafigura Beheer BV v. Ravennavi SpA (The "Port Russel") [2013] EWHC 490 (Comm)
Transfield Shipping Inc. v. Mercator Shipping Inc. (The "Achilleas") [2008] 2 Lloyd's Rep. 275
Transoceanic Co. Ltd. v. Newton Shipping Ltd. [2001]
Transpetrol Maritime Services Ltd. v. SJB (Marine Energy) BV The "Rowan" [2011] (unreported) and C of A [2012]
Unilever Plc v. Proctor & Gamble Co. [2000] 1WLR 2436
Veba Oil Supply and Trading GmbH v. Petrotrade inc [2001] EWCA Civ 1832
Walsh v. Rother District Council [1978]
Waterfront Shipping Co. Ltd. v. Trafigura AG [2007]
Winter Storm Shipping v. Thai Petrochemical Industries [2002] US
X v. Y [2011] EWHC 152 (Comm)
Case Law - Singapore
“The Vasiliy Golovnin” [2008] SGCA 39, [2008] 4 SLR 994
Case Law - United States
Kingsbury Navigation Ltd. v. Koch Shipping Inc, (The "Sea Dancer") 14 June 2012 US District Court (SDNY)
Senator Linie GBH & Co. KG v. Sunway Line Inc., 291 F.3d 145,170 (2d Cir. 2002)
Claims Handling
Hard copy claims
Phone is better than email for effective claims resolution
Working Group on a Code of Best Practice for the Handling of Claims
Code of Practice for handling and settlement of claims
Code of Practice 2009
Conoco Weather Clause
Conoco Weather Clause
Contra Proferentem
Definition of contra proferentem rule
Crude Oil Washing
Crude Oil Washing
Allowed Laytime
Liability for Deadfreight
Debt Recovery
Debt Recovery
Failure to Pay Agreed Demurrage Claim
Making a profit from demurrage claims
Offsetting charterer's claims against owner's claim for demurrage
Turning Demurrage into an Indemnity
Damages for Detention
Damages for detention 1/09 772 LMLN 3
Delays after hoses disconnected
Allowance for Putting Documents on Board
Documentary Instructions
Sending Claims Etc. by Email
Supporting Documents for Claims
Due Diligence
The meaning of "Due Diligence"
Economic Duress - the principles
Early Loading Clauses
"Time Saved" - Amendment to Shellvoy5
BPVOY3 cl.17
BPVOY4 cl.7.3.1
ExxonMobil Voy2000 cl.13(b)
London arbitration LMLN 16/05 (2005)
Exxon Voy90
Awaiting Daylight
ExxonMobil Voy2000
Delays by Local Authorities - Clause 14(c)(v)
Early Loading - Clause 13(b)
Gangway in Position
General Review
ExxonMobil Voy2012
Removal of 24 hour pumping warranty
Significant changes from ExxonMobil Voy2005 to demurrage related clauses
Force Majeure
Force Majeure
Exceptional loss of profit not foreseeable
When Forseeability is Not Enough
Free Pratique
Free Pratique
Free Pratique under ExxonMobil Voy2012
Frustration of Contracts
In-Transit Loss
What constitutes an in-transit loss
Independent Inspectors
"Jointly Appointed"
Obligations of Inspectors - Test Certificates
Inspection Delays
US Coast Guard Inspections
Interim Port Clauses
Interium Port Clauses
ISPS Clauses
ISPS Clauses
Late Payment
Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998
"Commencement of Laytime" 4th Ed. by Donald Davies
Commencing on Berthing
Exception to laytime (strike)
Keeping Laytime & Demurrage Clauses Seperate
Loading Prior to Start of Laytime
Prior to Opening of Letter of Credit
US Public Docks Clause
Letters of Credit
Letters of Credit
Lien on Cargo
Owner's lien on cargo - costs
Local Authorities (Coast Guards, Customs, Immigration etc.)
Delays after Berthing
Machinery and Equipment
Breakdown at Terminal
Definition of Breakdown of Machinery, etc.
Pre-Existing Breakdown at Terminal
Nigerian Demurrage Claims
Nigerian Demurrage Claims
NNPC GTC's Article 33 - time bar
Notice of Readiness
Acceptance of NOR by Charterer
Failure to provide valid NOR certificates
Invalid NOR (See case law -The "Petr Schmidt" 1996)
Invalid NOR tendered by email under BPVOY3 c/p
NOR invalidated by late granting of free pratique
Prior to Start of Laydays
Tendered Before Anchoring
Tendering Prior to Laydays
The "Happy Day"
Time of Valid NOR
Off-Spec Cargo
Cargo off-spec on delivery at discharge port
Commencement of Laytime
Perils of The Sea
Perils of The Sea
No 'Daylight" Pilot - Shellvoy5
Work to Rule
Piracy and Randsom Payments
Piracy - stolen cargo not an in-transit loss
Piracy  - claim for loss of value of cargo. Ransom payments not illegal
Port and Quay Dues
Who Pays for Quay/Pier Dues
Pro Rata for Part Cargo
Pro Rata for Part Cargo
Pumping Clauses and Disputes
C/P Warranty and Additional Damages
Charter Party Clauses
Crude Oil Washing
ExxonMobil Voy2012 - removal of 24 hour warranty
Pumping Disputes
Pumping Performance Formula
Stripping and Draining of Vessel's Tanks
Quarantine restricitions in charter parties
Restraint of Princes
Restraint of Princes 
Rule B Attachment
Rule B attachment of funds
Safe/Unsafe Berth/Port
Safe berth not implied
Unsafe Berth
Unsafe port - Kashima
Sale of Goods Act 1979
Oil quality - to remain on-spec after delivery
Sales Contracts
Accepting Cargo Before Delivery Date
Barge sales contracts - whose contract prevails? 
Delays to Opening of Letter of Credit
Delivery Dates
FOB contract - damages for delay to loading 
FOB Plus Freight Sales Contracts
Indemnity clause for demurrage - deduction of address commission
Late Delivery
Laytime Commencing on Berthing
Repudiatory breach of CIF contract
Repudiatory breach of FOB contract
Sale of Goods Act 1979
Substitution of Vessels under FOB Contracts
When does a trading contract become binding?
Which terms constitute the contract - "The Battle of the Forms"
Working Hours
Berth "Inaccessible" - Clause 13(1)(a)
Exceptions to Laytime - Clause 14(c)(ii)
Incoreporating the Conoco Weather Clause
No "Daylight" Pilot
Pilots' Work To Rule - Clause 14(c)(iii)
When does 6hr NOR Allowance Start to Run?
Safe berth
Ship Owner's Obligation to Maintain Vessel
Owner's Obligation to Comply with Changes in Marpol Regulations
Statement of Facts
Statement of Facts
Definition and When Stoppage Not a Strike
Time Bars
BPVOY3 cl. 16 and 23
Complying with Documentary Requirements
Correct Submission of Claims
Failure to Ensure Claim Fully Documented
Incorporation into Sales Contracts
Incorrectly Documented Claims 16
Limitations Act 1980
Ship Owners' Claims
Time Charters
Shelltime 4 Arbitration
Time Differences
Time Differences
US Coast Guard
TVEL and Inspection Delays
Voyage Orders
Charter Cannot Use Orders to Amend C/P Terms
Instructing Vessel Not to Tender NOR
Without Prejudice
Without prejudice - when still admissable as evidence
Working Hours
Working Hours
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