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Asdem has created a wide range of industry recognised certified training courses for the oil industry. These courses are offered as public, multi-company events or - upon request - specialised in-house training sessions customised to meet the clients' specific company requirements.

Each Asdem event includes the most up-to-date information available within each subject presented by professional oil industry experts. Some of our most popular training courses include the following:

    This course is designed to meet the day-to-day working requirements of demurrage professionals handling tanker charterparty, sale and purchase contract demurrage, detention, deviation, interim port and other delay claims. It is also of great benefit to operations and post fixture staff, and, as many companies have already discovered, to staff who have a responsibility for avoiding costly delays and contractual mistakes, including, traders, charterers and in house and external counsel.
    Our laytime and demurrage training course is designed specifically for the oil and tanker industries and examines the differences between all of the commonly used charter parties. It includes exercises in calculating and the processing of demurrage claims, recovery of claims, issues that commonly arise in individual claims, how to deal with disputed claims and the dispute resolution procedures.
    Delegates are provided with a comprehensive manual on oil industry laytime and demurrage which together with the course are designed to be a used as reference guide once the course has been completed.
    This two-day programme is specifically designed for demurrage analysts, claims handlers and lawyers who already have a reasonable level of experience and may possibly have previously attended Asdem's laytime and demurrage training seminars and conferences. The workshop includes several case studies and a mock arbitration. It will also involve full participation by the delegates who can bring with them any current problems they would like to discuss.
    Please click here to view the workshop syllabus.
    This two-day seminar is designed to be as relevant as possible to the operator's day-to-day responsibilities and will involve active participation by the delegates. The emphasis throughout will be on avoiding expensive errors and anticipating the type of problems which habitually draw trading companies into disputes.
    The objective is to give operations staff the information they require to perform their role in the cost-effective and efficient manner that oil trading now demands. Many oil and trading companies have said that their less-experienced operators have benefited greatly from the knowledge that this course has given them, particularly as it draws on a wider range of experiences and viewpoints than most companies can normally provide.
    The course is aimed at Operations staff who have up to two years' experience or who feel that they would benefit from a more structured understanding of the elements of the oil operator's role.
    The course is aimed at staff who have responsibility for tanker chartering and sale and purchase operations who feel that they would benefit from a structured understanding of the elements of the oil operator's role and the commercial and legal matrix.
    This intensive and comprehensive two-day course covers all the practical aspects of the formation, execution and operation of the bill of lading and charterparty contract, sales and purchase contracts and the various forms of letters of indemnity. The objective of this intensive course is to give a thorough and practical and up to date understanding of the numerous legal features of contract formation, finalisation and execution, the legal aspects involved in operation of sale and purchase, charterparty and bill of lading contracts, letters of indemnity, inspection and certification of products, loading carriage and delivery of cargoes, demurrage, compliance and claims. The course is designed to give oil industry executives the information they require to perform their role in the cost-effective and efficient manner that oil industry shipping and trading now demands enabling participants to benefit greatly from the knowledge that this course gives them, particularly as it draws on a very wide range of experiences and case studies. There is significant concentration on the mechanism in a sale and purchase contract, the special provision and the general terms and conditions they incorporate. This course also focuses on the basic format and purpose and content of those main clauses common to all tanker charter party forms; the differences between the structure and purpose of voyage and time charters, the reasons for the use of standards forms of voyage and time charter parties and their suitability to different trades including a working knowledge of the content of commonly used standard forms including: voyage charters - ASBATANKVOY, SHELLVOY 5/6 BP VOY 4/5 and EXXONMOBILVOY 2005/2012 and Time Charters - SHELLTIME 4, ASBATIME. It provides a thorough understanding of the importance and proper use of additional clauses and addenda and instruction on drafting simple specimen clauses and the common standard oil company additional clauses. It provides an understanding of the individual rights responsibilities and liabilities of owners, charterers and brokers which arise under the charter party as arise during the course of a voyage, the role of the bill of lading in charter parties and in particular the liabilities of the ship owner to the bill of lading holder. The requirements regarding delivery of cargo against bills of lading and the problems arising from the non-production of originals at discharge ports and practical solutions including the use of letters of indemnity.
    Clients are welcome to choose any topics from that course or add new ones and sections can be expanded to focus on key areas. This comprehensive course documentation and 170-page training manual has been designed as a useful guide for future reference.
    Please click here to view the course syllabus.
    This two-day seminar has been designed for chartering and operations staff who need to understand the fundamentals of the tanker market. Anyone who services the tanker market and feels they would benefit from a more structured knowledge of the elements of chartering and tanker operations will find the course extremely beneficial.
    Please click here to view the course syllabus.
    This comprehensive two-day seminar is designed to be as relevant as possible to the day-to-day responsibilities of the delegates and requires their active participation. It provides a comprehensive introduction to what senior management and oil traders need to ensure that their inventories are fully protected at all times. The emphasis throughout is on devising techniques for avoiding expensive errors and anticipating the problems which habitually draw companies into disputes.
    It is important that anyone who works in the oil and tanker business has a good understanding of the basic aspects of petroleum technology, refining and blending. This enables staff at all levels to make informed decisions and avoid making costly mistakes. This two day course will be of interest to operators, traders, claims analysts and anyone from oil trading companies, ship owners and service companies who would like to have a better understanding of refining, product qualities and blending.
    Please click here to view the course syllabus.
    This course is specifically aimed at personnel involved in the turnaround of a tanker in port. This course will be of prime interest to ship staff, especially the master, chief officer and others on board who are concerned with the commercial operation of the venture. Terminal staff such as jetty supervisors will also benefit from this course by gaining an understanding of the impact of their actions or inactions on the resulting demurrage cost for their terminal. Other shore based staff such as ship agents and cargo inspectors are likely to gain from understanding the practice and tension involved in the business of laytime and demurrage from a practical point of view.
    Please click here to view the course syllabus.

Registering for Public Asdem Events

If you would like to register one or more delegates for any of our certified training events, please click here to reference our calendar of up-coming public training events.

Making a Request for In-House Asdem Training

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